CAPH Faculty and Trainees present abstracts at Gerontological Society of America’s 68th Annual Scientific Meeting

“Aging as a Lifelong Process” was the theme at the 2015 Gerontological Society of America’s annual meeting. Below is a list of abstracts presented by the CAPH faculty and trainees at the 2015 meeting.

Statewide dissemination of the “10 Keys” to Healthy Aging Program
Steven M. Albert; Jennifer R. Jones; Janice C. Zgibor; Lois Shelton; Anne B. Newman

Over the counter (OTC) sleep aids and older adult sleep health
Steven M. Albert

Clinical and Epidemiology Studies: Skeletal Changes across the Menopause
Jane A. Cauley

Low perceived fatigue and less chronic inflammation are associated with high physical performance: The Long Life Family Study
Nancy W. Glynn; A. Matteini; Adam J. Santanasto; J.D. Walston; K. Christensen; Anne B. Newman

Correspondence of Late-Life Trajectories of Function and Biomarkers
Anne B. Newman; Adina Zeki Al Hazzouri; Michelle Odden; Jason L. Sanders; Robert Boudreau; Alice Arnold

Can Late-Life Lifestyles Impact End-of-Life Morbidity?
Mini E. Jacob; Robert Boudreau; Jason L. Sanders; Alice Arnold; Janice C. Zgibor; Mary Ganguli; Steven M. Albert; Anne B. Newman

Healthy Brain Project: an overview of factors protecting brain integrity of a biracial cohort of octogenarians.
Caterina Rosano; Howard J. Aizenstein

Aging, Central Nervous System, and Mobility – Follow-Up from a 3 year NIA-Funded GSA Pre-Conference
Caterina Rosano; Michelle Carlson; Stephanie Studenski

Healthy Brain Project: Neuroepidemiology Study of 15-Year Exposure to Risk Factors for Brain Aging
Andrea L. Rosso; Caterina Rosano

Age-Related Changes in Grey Matter Volume and Changes in Gait Variability
Andrea L. Rosso; Dana L. Tudorascu ; Howard J. Aizenstein; Anne B. Newman; Tamara Harris; Suzanne Satterfield; Kristine Yaffe; Caterina Rosano

Neighborhood Socioeconomic Status, Race, and Cognitive Function in Late Life
Andrea Rosso; Jason D. Flatt; Gina Lovasi; Michelle Carlson; Ana V. Diez Roux; Karen Matthews; Caterina Rosano; Peter Gianaros

Neural contributors to complex walking tasks: novel approaches to community mobility interventions
Andrea Rosso; T. Huppert; Caterina Rosano

The Effect of Long-Term Physical Activity versus Health Education on Grip Strength, Balance, Gait Speed and Chair Rise Time in the LIFE Study
Adam J. Santanasto; Nancy W. Glynn; Todd Manini; Steven N. Blair; Anne B. Newman

Long-Term Relationship of BDNF With Brain Microstructural Integrity of Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Elizabeth Shaaban; Howard J. Aizenstein ; Andrea L. Rosso; Lenore J. Launer; Stephen B. Kritchevsky; Kristine Yaffe; Anne B. Newman; Caterina Rosano

Lower-Extremity Muscle Power in Older Adults: Key Methods and Cutpoints
Elsa S. Strotmeyer; Paolo Caserotti

Muscle Power Testing using Force Plate Methods in Octogenarian Men in MrOS
Elsa S. Strotmeyer; Mary Winger; Jane A. Cauley; Robert Boudreau; Robin F. Collins; Eric Orwoll; Paolo Caserotti

Peripheral Nervous System Aging: Implications for Geriatric Outcomes
Elsa S. Strotmeyer; Brad Manor

Monofilament Insensitivity Changes after Muscle Power Training in Mobility-limited Older Adults.
Elsa S. Strotmeyer; Brittney Lange-Maia; Mathias Skjødt; Lars G. Hvid; Paolo Caserotti

Correlations Between Task-Based Power and Leg Press Power and Strength Measures in DECOS
Mary Winger; Paolo Caserotti; Rachel Ward; Robert Boudreau; Tamara Harris; Elsa S. Strotmeyer

Implementation and Evaluation of an Integrated Healthy-Aging Program
Janice C. Zgibor; Lei Ye; Elizabeth Rodgers; Mini E. Jacob; Robert Boudreau; Elizabeth A. Schlenk; Steven M. Albert; Anne B. Newman