Graduate Student Researcher – For Pre-doctoral Students

Graduate Student Researchers (GSR) in the Epidemiology of Aging areas of emphasis broadly include: successful aging and longevity, physical function, activity and disability, osteoporosis, vascular aging, sarcopenia, brain aging and mobility. GSR’s will be placed with faculty mentors with expertise in their interested area of research. Doctoral trainees will design, implement, analyze data, and report the results of an independent study as part of the program with a goal of submitting three manuscripts for publication. Trainees are encouraged to present their research in a variety of venues, including GSPH Dean’s Day.

For more information or to apply for a GSR position contact:

Lori Smith
Student Services Manager and Program Administrator
A537 Crabtree Hall

Prevention Research Center – MOVE UP
For Undergraduate, Graduate Student Researchers, Pre-Doctoral, or Post-Doctoral Trainees

Training Requirements:

  1. All trainees must complete relevant Pitt CITI on-line Research Modules.
  2. All trainees must complete confidentiality agreement.
  3. For those joining the assessment team, there is a one-day training on all assessment procedures. The certification process involves Part 1) successfully completing a practice assessment on a practice participant, and Part 2) successfully completing an in-field assessment with a research participant. Once certified, trainees can complete research assessments with supervision of Site Coordinator.
  4. For those joining the office staff or data team, there is task-specific training for phone screening, data entry, data cleaning, material preparation, or other research tasks.
Community Health Worker

Community Health Workers who participate as Instructors/Leaders in the MOVEUP (Mobility & Vitality Lifestyle Program) must:

  1. Be committed and compassionate about working with seniors to change lifestyles and lead a healthier life
  2. Be willing to work in a community setting, preferably one they are already connected to or associated with.
  3. Attend a one-day MOVEUP training
  4. Complete a one-hour human subjects training (emphasizing IRB essentials such as confidentiality and the Belmont Principles)
  5. Complete the “10 Keys” on-line educational program
  6. Attend additional trainings as needed to implement the MOVEUP program

University of Pittsburgh
Center for Aging and Population Health
130 N Bellefield Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15213