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The Center for Aging and Population Health (CAPH) strives to generate new solutions to the challenges of an aging society through the conduct of population-based research that promotes healthy aging, longevity, and prevention of disability. The CAPH orchestrates epidemiologic and public health research on aging, trains professionals in population research methodology, and conducts community outreach.

Dr. Anne B. Newman, Director of the Center for Aging and Population Health (CAPH) From the Director
 - Anne B. Newman, MD, MPH

We are dedicated to improving the lives of older adults through our research and training in epidemiology and public health. Recent accomplishments include:

  1. Publication of our book, "Epidemiology of Aging," - Drs. Newman and Cauley

  2. Dr. Rosano's leadership of a national workshop on "Aging, the Central Nervous System, and Mobility in Older Adults: Neural Mechanisms of Mobility Impairments," sponsored by the National Institutes on Aging and the Geronotological Society of America

  3. Dr. Janice Zgibor's award of the Erickson Foundation Award for Excellence in Research, Honorable Mention Paper at the American Public Health Association Meeting entitled "Partnership Building and Implementation of an Integrated Healthy-Aging Program"

  4. Over 48 presentations at the recent Gerontological Society of America meeting, 10 led by trainees.
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The T32 Training Grant: Training in the Epidemiology of Aging (Grant # T32-AG0001810 NIA/NIH) is funded by the National Institute on Aging, National Institute of Health

The Center for Aging and Population Health, Prevention Research Center Funded through Cooperative Agreement number 1 U48 DP005001-01

CAPH research is funded from the CDC and NIH, American Diabetes Association, and other federal, philanthropic and corporate sources

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