PRC Investigators

Anne B. Newman, MD, MPH

Steven M. Albert, PhD, MS

Elizabeth M Venditti, PhD

Robert M Boudreau, PhD

Kenneth J. Smith, MD, MS

Lora Burke, PhD, MPH, RN

John M. Jakicic, PhD

PRC Research Staff

Michelle E. Danielson, PhD

Dr. Danielson currently serves as the Program Director for the Center for Aging and Public Health Prevention Research Center and as the Project Director for the Study of Muscle, Mobility and Aging (SOMMA). Dr. Danielson has over 20 years of experience with research project development and has served on a number of longitudinal epidemiological studies and clinical trials focusing on aging, osteoporosis and women’s health. She oversees the daily operations of the PRC and assists the study investigators with administrative, training, programmatic, evaluation, dissemination, and outreach activities. She also serves as the liaison with the Community Advisory Board (CAB). She monitors the budget and prepares progress reports, oversees data management/quality control, works with investigators to develop abstracts, presentations and manuscripts, and ensures all IRB/human subjects requirements are met.

Linda Semler, MS, RD, LDN

Linda Semler is a Senior Research Manager at the University of Pittsburgh Physical Activity and Weight Management Research Center and has over 25 years of experience in behavioral lifestyle intervention.  Her role in MOVE UP includes editing instructional materials; training, supervising, and providing ongoing support to Community Health Workers who are delivering the intervention in community settings; and monitoring the fidelity of the intervention. 

Jennifer King, BA

Jennifer King has 25 years of research experience including 18 years of project management, recruitment, consent, data collection, and supervision. She currently facilitates classes for a MOVE UP site, co-teaches the 10 Keys to Healthy Aging™ classes that are offered through the Virtual Senior Academy, and does evaluation and interviews for another CDC funded project.

Judith R. Rager, MPH

Judy Rager is an epidemiologist/research specialist in the Department of Epidemiology at the Graduate School of Public Health and has over 30 years of experience in both government health department and academic settings. She currently serves as data manager/analyst for the MOVE UP study and for several environmental epidemiology studies.

Lori Kieffer, BS

Lori Kieffer is the Project Director of the core research project, (MOVE UP) Mobility and Vitality Lifestyle Program for the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Aging and Population Health Prevention Research Center. Lori has been working at the CDC funded PRC since 2013 with their community based participatory behavioral interventions. Her role provides operational oversight of the current Community Health Worker facilitated weight management program for adults aged 60-75, aimed to improve the overall health and physical function of those enrolled.

Brandi Boak, BS, CNP

Brandi Boak, BS, is a co-facilitator of the 10 Keys to Healthy Aging™ program utilizing the Virtual Senior Academy, an online platform designed by the Jewish Healthcare Foundation to connect with older adults in their homes, as well as senior centers.


We regularly employ undergraduate and graduate students including MPH, PhD, and post-doctoral students from the Behavioral and Community Health Science and Epidemiology Departments. Our student workers are responsible for participating in assessments for community-based prevention research, data entry, and various other research tasks around our office.

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