This story, written by Kristin Bundy, first appeared in the fall 2018 issue of Pitt Med magazine.

Baby boomers have long been known as one of the largest generations, and now they are living longer and healthier than any generation before, says Anne Newman (MED ’82,’85,’87), the newly appointed clinical director of the Aging Institute of UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh. She is a boomer herself.

“We’re going through an aging revolution,” says Newman. (Apropos for the generation known for anti-war protests and civil rights rallies.)

“The 65-year-old today is a healthier person than a 65-year-old was 30 years ago,” Newman explains. Could it be because of lifestyle changes? The availability of medications? Better care? “Big picture — we’re looking at people who are older now and questioning if there’s a different phenomenon than there was before, and what it means to clinical practice.”

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