Department of Epidemiology – Primary Appointment

Robert Boudreau, PhD – CAPH Faculty; PRC Core Research Faculty Co-Investigator
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology – epidemiology of healthy aging and decline, medical outcomes and risk-adjustment methods, health services research.

Jane Cauley, DrPH – CAPH Co-Director
Professor of Epidemiology – osteoporotic fractures and falls, women’s health issues, heart disease, sex hormones and their relationship to chronic disease, breast cancer.

Nancy W. Glynn, PhD – CAPH Faculty
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Director, Master’s Degree Programs – measurement of fatigability, physical activity, fitness, and physical function in older adult populations; exercise intervention trial; accelerometry.

Lewis H. Kuller, MD, DrPH – CAPH Faculty
Emeritus University Professor of Public Health – determinants of longevity, subclinical cardiovascular disease, dementia, vascular dementia, stroke, preventive medicine, diabetes, cancer, nutrition and chronic disease.

Anne B. Newman, MD, MPH – CAPH Director; PRC Principal Investigator, Core Research Faculty Investigator, and Program Core Activity Investigator
Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine, Chair of Epidemiology – cardiovascular aging, sleep and cardiovascular disease, non-invasive assessment of subclinical chronic diseases including cardiovascular, pulmonary disease and arthritis, exercise, physical endurance and function, body composition, and determinants of successful aging and longevity.

Caterina Rosano, MD, MPH – CAPH Faculty
Professor of Epidemiology – neuroepidemiology of age-related physical functional limitations, novel measures of brain structural and functional integrity, models of neuroregeneration and connectivity of the central nervous system.

Elsa Strotmeyer, PhD, MPH – CAPH Faculty
Associate Professor of Epidemiology – diabetes and glucose metabolism, peripheral nerve function, aging, body composition, osteoporosis, and physical performance.

Joe Zmuda, PhD – CAPH Faculty
Associate Professor of Epidemiology, Assistant Professor of Human Genetics – genetic and molecular epidemiology, understanding the role of genomic variation and gene- environment and gene-gene interactions for human health and longevity with a special focus on musculoskeletal aging.


Graduate School of Public Health

Steven M. Albert, PhD, MSPH – CAPH Co-Director; CAPH-PRC Co-Director, Core Research Faculty Investigator, and Program Core Activity Investigator
Professor of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences, Chair of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences – cognition and function, end of life, environment and disability, community basis of health promotion and disease prevention, program evaluation, cross-cultural studies.

Julie Donohue, PhD – CAPH Faculty
Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management – impact of pharmacy insurance benefits on prescription drug utilization and expenditures, impact of the new Medicare drug benefit (Part D) on medication access among elderly and disabled Medicare beneficiaries, doctor-patient communication on prescription drugs, the cost- effectiveness of mental health interventions and comparative effectiveness and prices of prescription drugs to consumers.


School of Medicine

Molly B. Conroy, MD MPH – CAPH Faculty
Assistant Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology – physical activity and exercise, body composition and obesity, lifestyle interventions, cardiovascular disease, menopause.

Linda F. Fried, MD, MPH – CAPH Faculty
Medicine and Epidemiology- relationship of declines in kidney function to cardiovascular disease and functional decline, risk factors for decline in kidney function.

Mary Ganguli, MD, MPH – CAPH Faculty
Professor of Psychiatry and Epidemiology – Epidemiology of dementia and mild cognitive impairment in community-based populations, cross-cultural studies of dementia.

Joseph T. Hanlon, PharmD, MS – CAPH Faculty
Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology – pharmacoepidemiology, racial differences in drug use in older adults; drug-related geriatric syndromes, Health Services Research – measurement of drug-related problems & interventions to prevent/reduce them.


School of Nursing

Elizabeth Schlenk, PhD, RN – CAPH-PRC Core Research Faculty Investigator
Associate Professor of Health and Community Systems – adherence to chronic disorder regimens, with a particular focus on adherence to physical activity regimen



Janice Zgibor, RPh, PhD – University of South Florida
Associate Professor of Epidemiology- diabetes prevention and treatment, quality of care, simulation modeling, cost analysis, primary care research.


Last Updated Sep 23, 2016